Wheel Alignment Cost – How Much Is The Going Rate?

We are often asked how much a Wheel Alignment should cost and as with most things in this world there are a few different scenarios and answers to that question.

Quicktip: Make sure you ring around and get an idea of current prices, also ask if they provide a before and after printout


We decided to find out how much one could expect to pay for a basic 4 Wheel Alignment on a Toyota Corolla from a couple of places in Auckland.

What Is The Wheel Alignment Cost From Firestone?

Firestone do not have a price listed on their website so we had to get inventive and pick up a telephone.

The guy on the phone asked what sort of car it was, and we mentioned it was a Toyota Corolla. He then advised that although normally they charge $85 he could do a full four wheel alignment for us and it would only cost $69

I don’t know why they don’t state a price on their website, they would probably get a lot more business if they just put it out there!

Beaurepaires Price on Wheel Alignment

On the Beaurepaires website at the time of writing this article they have listed “the average price” of wheel alignments, for cars that is $89, for RV’s its $99.

We rang the guys at the local Beaurepaires and they said for a Corolla they could do it for $70.

With that in mind we would definitely recommend ringing around, and who knows if you catch them on a quiet day you may find yourself a bargain.

Best Online Price Found (February 2015)

Firstly I find it strange that most of the tyre companies do not want to put the price of their wheel alignments online.

Why not just say if you have a standard type of car a basic four wheel alignment is $xx, and say to check your car give us a call. So much secrecy!

Finally I found what I was looking for, and I hope we can send these guys a ton of traffic, because they deserve it for actually giving us a price, and a great price at that!

Bush Road Tyres (Albany) will do an early bird week day special for you (at the time of writing, give them a call on 09-4152313 to check it still applies) of $39.

If any other shops would like to offer a special, please get in touch with me by leaving a comment and we can let our visitors know. Would be great to get a store from the CBD area, someone out west, south and East so we can hook all of Auckland up with a deal like the great guys at Bush Road Tyres are prepared to do.

What exactly do you get for your money?

Here at Tyresforsale.co.nz we think that for the price of a wheel alignment you should get your car adjusted to its manufacturers specifications, and also your Tyre pressures checked and adjusted.

Wheel alignment machines need calibrating on a regular basis so make sure the Tyre Store you get your pride and joy aligned at is the type of place that calibrates their wheel alignment machine.

Should I get my wheels balanced as well?

If you are experiencing any vibration symptoms ( especially at higher speeds ), a wheel alignment is not going to fix that, you may need a balance as well.

If your tyres have just been fitted however they should already be balanced and getting your alignment checked will help ensure you get the maximum value out of your tyres.

How do I know my car has been aligned correctly?

Our belief is that the following should be expectations after getting your vehicle aligned.

A straight steering wheel – No wheel alignment technician with any kind of pride will let a car go out after a wheel alignment with a crooked steering wheel.

Even Tyre Wear – Although there are exceptions as long as your tyres are aligned to your manufacturers specifications, the tyres are rotated regularly and the car is driven in a decent manner your should get reasonably even tyre wear.

Straight Driving – On New Zealand Roads your car should drive fairly straight or have a slight tendency to veer to the left ( our roads are sloped to the left ), it is very dangerous to have a car that has any tendency to pull to the right as that means if you lose concentration you can veer into oncoming traffic!

Often a tyre can cause a slight pull to one side or the other, and the simple fact of changing them from side to side can negate the issue. Don’t expect tyres that are worn on one side, to drive in a straight line however!

If you have any questions, or comments/stories to share about getting a wheel alignment done on your vehicle, or recommendations as to where our visitors could go then please share with us.

8 thoughts on “Wheel Alignment Cost – How Much Is The Going Rate?”

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  2. I had to have 2 front tyres replaced for a WOF in May, when I picked up the car it was obvious that the wheels were out of alignment because the car was pulling to the left quite noticeably. The guys at the mechanic said that they would have been so worn and so out of alignment when I took the car in that it would have started to drive straight. The tyres did seem to wear quite quickly, but still this doesn’t really sound plausible to me. Is it possible or are they trying to pull the wool over my eyes?

    1. Sorry not quite understanding, did they do a wheel alignment for you or tell you that you didn’t need one? sorry can you please reexplain – thanks heaps. Rob

  3. I had the same problem as you Taryn, I live in Gisborne and I needed to replace 2 front tires for the wof at the testing station last week, when i took it back yesterday for the wof, they told me i had to also get my wheel alignment done, he explained that if i don’t get it sorted, the tires will get worn in 2 months time and he also showed me the diagram of what the tires on my car looked like, both tires were pointing inwards when they’re suppose to be straight. so yeah it’s possible you need your alignment done. I also noticed it chews up alot of gas as well, idk it might be just my car

  4. Hi there,
    Ive had a problem with constantly having to change my tires on my 17inch rims. Some how the outer edges off my tires always seem to show marks of the tire getting worn out. Any suggestions? Please?

    1. Hey Will, keeping your pressures up (the tyres run cooler – cooler rubber doesn’t wear as badly), wheel alignment done, plus regular rotation is about all you can do. Also the way you drive will obviously affect the wear of your tyres. High performance tyres are never going to be long lasting ones unfortunately! Thanks for your question. Rob

  5. hi,
    Just found a very bargain place call “tyre world” in otara, they offer only $35 for doing wheel alienment, should i trust them? thanks

    1. Hey Jerry, sorry I am not familiar with this place, so I don’t know. Let us know how it goes though. Cheers Rob

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