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PostHeaderIcon 265/65r17 Dunlop AT22

We have one pair left of these at a fantastic never to be repeated price. You can find the tyres on trademe here or leave us a comment and we will get in touch.

These tyres are as new and are factory fitment on Ford Ranger / Will also fit Toyota Hilux SR5.

It’s currently heading into the winter months and a timely reminder to be looking at your tyres and checking they have enough tread to drive safely on wet roads.

Here is a short and useful video that explains the best way to handle your vehicle in the event of a hydroplane.

PostHeaderIcon 255/70R16 BRIDGESTONE HT684 Tyres for Sale!

We have a set of these tyres in stock right now at the amazing price of $690 for the complete set through trademe. Or if you contact me directly I can drop off another $30 which are the listing fees if I sell them through trademe.

Desert Duellers are rated as one of the best four wheel drive tyres in the world. Normally these tyres retail at over $900 a set but we managed to get a special on this set, which we are passing straight along to you.

Please leave us a comment if you are interested, this price was valid as at January 2013, so if its changed we can let you know.

PostHeaderIcon How to tell how old a tyre (tire) is

Often we are asked on our auctions, how old are the tyres? What is the manufacture date? Fortunately if you are in the know as you will be very shortly this is very easy to tell.

If you are ever shopping for second hand tyres or looking at a set of tyres that seem to be unusually cheap, it’s a good idea to check the date stamp.

The date on tyres works by displaying the week number and the year number together. E.g 0611 means that the tyre was manufactured in the 6th week of 2011.

Here at Tyres for Sale we recommend that tyres are generally safe to purchase up until 6 years of age, as long as they are stored in reasonable storage conditions. ie Protected from direct sunlight, hot and cold temperature extremes and moisture.

We would expect them to last up to ten years, so if you buy them at 6, you still have four years of safe driving.

In the picture below we show an example of a date stamp on a tyre, normally this type of stamp is what you are looking for.

Note: This information is provided as a guide only and no responsibility is take by the team at tyresforsale.co.nz.

PostHeaderIcon 215/50 17 Bridgestone RE050A

Christmas has come early at tyresforsale.co.nz! We have two only sets of these fantastically priced bridgestone tyres. You can buy a complete set for under $600.

How it works is you buy the tyres from our trademe page, or alternatively if you want them even cheaper you can leave us a comment here, we will reply with payment instructions and once the tyres are paid for collection can be organized.

When you pick them up from our supplier, if you want them fitted or a wheel alignment done the chaps at the tyre shop can help you organize that.

There are not too many days left before christmas so don’t delay if you want a set of these fantastic tyres.

PostHeaderIcon 205/55 16 Set of Continental Contact 2

We have one only set of the above tyres. They won’t last long and priced at under $600 for the set you cannot go wrong.

Continental tyres have always been renowned as a quality brand, and its that quality which has made them the 4th largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

Back in my days working on the tyreshop floor I always enjoyed selling a set of continentals, a well designed tyre that will not let you down.

If the tyres are not sold by the time you read this, you will find them for sale along with our other great deals at this link.

PostHeaderIcon Getting your car sorted before Christmas

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching if you haven’t already done so the time to get your car up to scratch is now.

If you are planning on doing any road trips over the Christmas period you need to make sure your car is safe, serviced and is rolling on a set of tyres that will stop you and your family when it becomes time to do so in a hurry.

If your tyres are wearing unevenly make sure you protect your new tyre investment and get a wheel alignment at the same time.

Years ago when I worked in a tyre shop the worse thing was watching the hundreds of customers that had left it to the last day or two trying to get their cars sorted when every shop was trying to close down. Don’t be one of those people.

PostHeaderIcon A Typical Day Working In A Tyre Store

I guess in most jobs every day is different, however if you have ever wondered what it is like working in a Tyre shop here is a run down. I have worked in many positions including Tyre fitter, Wheel alignment mechanic, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager. This work has been in both commercial stores (lots of truck tyres) and retail stores (lots of car tyres)

Normally the store will open at either 8-00am or if you are unlucky 7-30am. The schedule sometimes goes like this.

7-30 – 8-00am — Arrive at work and open up the store.

Load up the cash register, logon to the computers. Wheel out signage and turn on the equipment.
Often you will have bookings that drop their cars off in the morning, before heading off to work. You may be dropping customers off, and will be discussing what’s going to be happening to their cars and making recommendations.

8-00am – 5pm — The rest of your day will consist of serving customers, taking customer details of people that are dropping of puncture repairs, answering the phones, putting away stock, doing paper work ( receipting in stock, charging out work, chasing up payments etc ).
5PM – Close up the store, put away the cash in the safe, set the alarm and head home.

Hours of work - Most tyreshops are open 6 or 7 days, so depending on how many staff you can expect plenty of overtime. Try to be aware of the hours involved if offered a salary as you may end up working many hours for free if you are not on an hourly wage.

If you are a fleet service person you may be required to work on customer sites, checking and maintaining the tyres for whole fleets of buses, trucks, fork hoists etc.

It can be stressful work dealing with the public, some people can be complete tools to deal with, and you are expected to smile and be polite to them. Other people can be downright nasty however fortunately that is quite rare.

Breaks and rest times – if you are in a small shop, i.e 2 or 3 people you may find that some days you are so busy you hardly get time to take a break. Larger stores normally have enough cover to allow for proper break periods. There is nothing worse than just sitting down to eat your nice hot lunch, and 3 or 4 customers drive up! You need to expect this though if you work in a tyre shop.

On the whole most of the people you deal with are fantastic providing you provide them with the basics of any retail experience – great customer service.

PostHeaderIcon Tyres on trademe

We have been selling tyres on trademe for nearly three years. In that time we have had nothing but 100% positive feedback from our customers. Here are a few samples.

Great trade – quick communication and very helpful arranging the tyre fitting. Tyres were as new just as described

Tyres are fantastic thanks for going the extra mile with shipping! Would definately recommend this trader!

Really friendly and helpful guy Excellent communication Recommended without reservation A+++++

Awesome trade…awesome:) Rob is your man for a great tyre deal. Very friendly and helpful trader. great tyres thanks. A+++ and some

Awesome tyres for a great price from friendly dealer. What more could you ask for? Recommended :) :) :)

Hopefully you get the picture, we sell a great product at a fantastic price. We don’t have every size in town, however if you need a set of cheap tyres, we may have a set for you.

Check out our cheap tyre deals today.

PostHeaderIcon 235/45 17 Tyres at a bargain cheap price

This week I have managed to get hold of two sets of brand spanking new 235/45 17 94W Dunlop SP Sports. I am offering one set up for sale and keeping one set for myself for my XR6 falcon.

These tyres retail for more than $200 each, however I have the set on trademe for just under $600 for the lot. If you are interested in getting them even a bit cheaper (i.e less the trademe fees) leave me a comment on this article and I will get back to you.

Remember all though winter is nearly over its never a bad time to check your tyres, make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure and wearing evenly.

PostHeaderIcon Where to get an Alignment – (Wheels Aligned)

Wheel alignments can be a bit of a mystery at the best of times. From personally working in tyreshops for much of my early career (I now work in IT) I can tell you that the poor pay, and dirty work that is on offer can often mean that the quality and training of the staff that are working on your car is not always what you might want.

I am not trying to be negative, its just the way of the world, but just keep it in mind when you head into a tyre shop. There are exceptions and some tyre stores have managed to hire and hang on to fantastic staff. Others struggle, your local store may be fine, or it could have inexperienced, unhelpful staff similar to any retail outlet.

Early in my career I was asked to start doing wheel alignments, and thanks to having good guidance from my more experienced colleagues I ended up becoming well trained. I found though that some wheel alignment technicians were able to hook the machine up and line up the little bars on the screen, but really had little idea of the concepts behind what they were doing.


When should you get your wheels aligned?

I would recommend that you get it checked when you are replacing your tyres, especially if they have uneven wear on them.

Also I would recommend it if you notice wear on your existing tyres, have any suspension components replaced, have any sort of major bump of the wheels/tyres or if your steering starts pulling to one side, feeling strange when turning.

Where is the best place to take it?

If you know the team at your local tyre shop, or have been recommended to go to someone after a friend or colleague has had a good experience then that would be the way to go.

If you are having any complications, or not having any success you could consider taking it to a wheel alignnent specialist. A specialist has more experience and focus purely on wheel alignments. A search of the yellow pages would be a good start for this.

How can you be sure it is done properly?

One way is to watch them like a hawk, a good wheel alignment technician will check the front end of your car at least before adjusting it (to ensure you don’t have a loose ball joint, or tie rod end, which would mean a wheel alignment would be pointless). They will have the correct specifications for your car and be able to supply a before and after print out along with an explanation of what they needed to adjust.

If they can’t explain it to you, then you have to ask yourself whether you really want to be paying them to align your vehicle!

I personally take my vehicle to a tyre dealer in Manukau City, I used to work there myself years ago and the chap that does the wheel alignments has been there for almost ten years. So he is very experienced and capable mechanically. That’s not to say that other places are not good to go to. Just my personal preference.

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