How To Deal With a Tyre Puncture – The Easy and Safe Way

Getting a flat tyre is an inevitable problem for every car driver. How fast you lose air depends on what punctured the tyre and how big the puncture is. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve punctured a tyre, don’t stress – there are solutions.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to dealing with tyre punctures:

Step 1: Put on the spare tyre: Most vehicles come with a spare tyre, normally in the trunk of the vehicle. If you’re driving, pull off to the side of the road, make sure your hazard lights are on, and replace the tyre with your spare.

If you’re not driving and noticed it at home, then you can simply take off the tyre any time you want. However, it is best to take off the punctured tyre as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the side wall or tread area.

Step 2: Find the puncture: Try to find the object that punctured the tyre, if you can. This will help you at a later time when you talk to a professional. Look for a nail or screw in the tyre as these are two of the most common culprits for tyre punctures.

Step 3: Head into your local tyre shop and get them to repair it and also rebalance it.

A tyre shop can generally fix the tyre puncture if:

  • There is no damage to the side wall
  • The puncture is no larger than 6mm
  • Tyre has more than 1.5mm of tread left
  • Tyre has no visible sign of damage due to under inflation

If your tyre meets these criteria, you can almost always have your tyre repaired and on your car within an hour or two.

You maybe tempted to use a tyre plug kit and repair the puncture yourself – our advice though is don’t do that. It can be unsafe.

Punctures tend to happen at the worst possible time, but remember it’s not the end of the world, just try not to drive on it while it is flat and head down to your nearest tyre shop as soon as you can.

Fuel Efficient Tyres – What they are and what they are not

There is a lot of buzz around at the moment about saving petrol costs by buying fuel efficient tyres. It’s important to know though exactly what that means.

What are the benefits of fuel efficient tyres?

According to recent studies done by the EECA potential savings of between 3 and 7.5% can be achieved by using tyres that have a low rolling resistance. Its important that you crunch the numbers on this, although it doesn’t sound like a great deal of money. Over a year 5% can add up, especially if you do a high mileage.

Normal weekly gas spend: $80
5% of $80: $4
52 weeks in a year x $4 = $208

Savings over a year for an average motorist could work out to be around $200. I don’t know how this affects you but to me that would mean a couple of weeks of not paying for petrol at all.

Comparison of low rolling resistance tyres with standard tyres on New Zealand roads

What are the disadvantages of fuel efficient tyres?

There are claims that fuel efficient tyres cause static electricity however that is certainly not a proven fact.

In the past fuel efficient tyres earned a reputation for having poor handling characteristics in wet conditions, and also for sacrificing tread life for low rolling resistance. With the advantages and gains made in technology over the last few years, these issues appear to no longer be the problem that they were yesterday.

What makes a tyre fuel efficient?

Over the last two decades tyre manufacturers have been using ingredients like silica to reduce the rolling resistance of tyres. Silica is not cheap however so if your fuel efficient tyres come in at a little higher price point that the cheap ones you find on trademe and other sites, that is part of the reason.

Should I buy fuel efficient tyres?

If you could save between 5 and 15% on petrol without doing anything except choosing fuel efficient tyres, and there are not the drawbacks that there were in the past then we would have to say yes, you should buy them. If you are not worried about saving a few dollars and are looking for other things in tyres however it may not a wise choice for you.

What do you think?

What is the difference between Tyre and Tire?

tire-or-tyreI have always wondered why in the USA and Canada they insist on spelling the word tire, whilst the rest of the world spells tyre. Why must they spell it in such a different manner? Does it mean something different to them, or did it just happen that way and the practice stuck?

My studies have found that before the rubber tyre came along metal versions were called “tires”, it was only once the pneumatic rubber tyre was invented in the 19th century that the word morphed into “tyre”.

I also learned on this quest into the depths of Google, that Canada normally follow the British versions of spelling, rather than the US. But not in this case, it’s one of the few words where they also have gone along with the US spelling.

Apparently the word may have originally come about because of the word “attire”, with the tyre being the dressing on the wheel.

Interestingly when the first tyre was patented by Robert W Thomson the spelling was “tire”.

Who invented the Tyre?

Accredited with inventing the first pneumatic Tyre is Robert William Thomson. I wonder at times why I as an eager young Tyre fitter back 25 years ago was not shown this information as it seems so important when you are embarking on such a career to be shown the inventions that made such a career possible.

The original documents can be viewed here.

First Diagram

first tyre1

Robert talks about the tyres being created in several distinct air proof compartments. That may have made sense back in 1847 however it is hard to think of today’s modern tyre split up in such a manner.

Robert Thomson died at a young age, barely 50 years old. But his inventions live on today in so many ways. Even after his death his wife Clara was filing patents for elastic belts, seats and cushions.

Most think of John Boyd Dunlop as being the inventor of the Tyre however his patent was actually officially termed invalid two years after it was awarded due to the earlier patent submitted by Robert W Thomson.

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Wheel Alignment Cost in 2014

Following up from our previous Wheel Alignment Article we decided to update the costs now that we are well into 2014.

Exactly how much is a wheel alignment (also occasionally called tracking) going to cost us this year?

Beaurepaires Wheel Alignment Cost Price:

From their website as at 4-June-2014 the team at Beaurepaires state the below pricing structure as the “average price”.

For a car – $89.00 (includes GST)
For a RV – $99.00 (includes GST)
For a Truck – POA

If you live in Auckland, I can highly recommend the Manukau City branch, the other branches I am not so familiar with.

Firestones Cost Price for Wheel Alignment

Firestone don’t actually list a price for their wheel alignments, so your going to have to call them to find out. Their website link is here. If you find out how much Firestone charge, or if someone from Firestone would like to tell us that would be fantastic.

Discount Tyres Price for Wheel Alignment

Well following the Firestone theme these guys also don’t list a price for their wheel alignment services, however on their website they state they will beat ANY price. So I guess you can just call around and find the cheapest deal, then ring Discount Tyres and they will beat it! (Please let us know if you get a price from them.)

Tyrepower Wheel Alignment Pricing

Once again, you guessed it no price offered.

Well I would like to put something out there – if you are a Tyre Shop in New Zealand and would like to offer our site visitors a discounted price on alignment please contact me by leaving a comment on this post (it won’t be displayed unless you want it to be) and we can sort something out. These days people really like to do their research online, however a lot of these Tyre stores seem to be keeping their prices close to their chests, presumably so that people will call them.

Who wants to break the trend and offer a great deal to the Tyres For Sale community?

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It’s currently heading into the winter months and a timely reminder to be looking at your tyres and checking they have enough tread to drive safely on wet roads.

Here is a short and useful video that explains the best way to handle your vehicle in the event of a hydroplane.